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OOC [Monday
May 1st, 2006
[ mood | stressed ]

So at the beginning of the year I got kicked out of boarding school. Yeah that sounds really cliche' but that is what happened. So I was supposed to take all my classes on the internet. Yeah..never happened. I think I have only done like two lessons. I have 46 days to do a year loads of school work. (Eight classes, for a semester.)In other words I'm fucked. I'm not leaving or going on hiatus because I would probably have role play withdrawals. And that would not be to pretty. So I'll be around but not nearly as much. You can still IM me sometimes and all that jazz. Especially if your character wants to help Mikey out with some pre-cal, ha. But just a heads up if I randomly stop IMing you, or seem distracted or crabby.
Hearts and all that other good stuff.

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